Weekly Bites!

It seems like this week has just flown by. I got back from my final summer trip, found a job (yay), and I’ll have a new recipe tomorrow. So…watch out for that!


Anyway here are my weekly bites.

Does anyone want to make me these Pancakes?!

Buttermilk Cupcakes with Strawberry Jam Frosting (yum)

Breakfast Burrito

I think I’ll be experimenting with zucchini really soon

Interesting Hummus

Have a great day!


Weekly Bites!

I am heading off camping today, but I promise this is the last trip of summer. That means more recipes from me! Exciting isn’t it?

In other news… here’s some good looking recipes!

S’more Pudding Pops (I can’t wait for mine this weekend…every meal may end up as s’mores)

Watermelon Salad sounds refreshing! 

Yum! Cobbler (Maybe I should just make my own)

I love kale, so this Salad is right up my alley

This Roasted Tomato Salsa! Mmm. (I sometimes make my own, but only raw)

Weekly Bites!

It’s officially vacation time for me this summer! I have a wedding this weekend (which I am so looking forward to), as well as two, yes TWO, camping trips for the weekends afterward. I’m excited.


In other news here are some recipes I’ve been drooling over this week.

Spicy Sausage and White Bean Stew

S’more Pie! (I am just waiting for s’mores while camping)

Homemade Honey Comb Candy

A savory summer galette (I want to eat this..now)

Marbled Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches (It looks even better than it sounds!)

I hope you enjoy your weekend!