Beans and Rice

Here it is! Slightly late, but still the day I said a new recipe would be here. I think that deserves a small pat on the back!


Beans and Rice is a staple in my house. This is mostly because I love Mexican food and this is fairly simple, but I love that way you can jazz it up with toppings and sauces. Kind of the same with sausages. Continue reading



The first time I had Muesli was when I was in Switzerland during my late teens. I remember thinking this is breakfast?? This cold oatmeal stuff? I was probably not impressed.


Now that I am older and a bit more wise I appreciate it so much more. Being able to have a healthy filling breakfast ready for you to just eat in the morning with no prep is fantastic! I love that I’m getting fruit, protein, and fiber all in one meal as well.

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Weeknight Pasta

I realized that I have a ton of ideas for breakfasts to share with the world. Supper? Not so much. I guess that shows where my priorities lie. Today I have a pasta dish that is close to my heart when I am tired, and it’s raining, and everything was not super great. all. day.


It involves putting every ingredient in one pan, and letting it cook for around ten minutes. So stress free, so good!  Continue reading

Weekly Bites!

It’s officially vacation time for me this summer! I have a wedding this weekend (which I am so looking forward to), as well as two, yes TWO, camping trips for the weekends afterward. I’m excited.


In other news here are some recipes I’ve been drooling over this week.

Spicy Sausage and White Bean Stew

S’more Pie! (I am just waiting for s’mores while camping)

Homemade Honey Comb Candy

A savory summer galette (I want to eat

Marbled Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches (It looks even better than it sounds!)

I hope you enjoy your weekend!