Almond Butter

Since I’ve started trying to eat healthier, and find dairy alternatives, I’ve really wanted to try making my own almond milk. Unfortunately I bought roasted almonds last week…but! It’s okay because I made some almond butter instead. 


I mean how satisfying is it to make something that’s pretty expensive in the stores. You can make as much as you want… anddd (the most important part) you know exactly what is it in. That makes me really happy.

All you need to make this recipe work is a food processor that can handle some almonds. I was really surprised at how quickly mine went through them, 10 minutes and I was done.


I made about 1 cup of butter, but if you want more it’s definitely possible to just increase the amount of almonds. Up to 3 cups is fine.


 1 cup roasted almonds

a big pinch of sea salt


 You can start by tossing your preferred amount of almonds in the food processor. Start mixing. It will look like dry nut powder for a bit, then progress to getting slightly wet and clumping together. You can scrape down the sides whenever you need to. The nuts will eventually release some oil and become a grainy sort of butter, sprinkle in the salt now. Keep mixing past this point, and it will end as smooth creamy almond butter. Don’t worry if the food processor gets warm, it happens.

It tastes absolutely prefect on pumpkin muffins, or some toast!


P.s. Sometime in the near future I’ll be starting a weekly post about recipes I’ve found and am interested in making. 🙂 Keep an eye out!


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