Chard and Onion Egg Sandwich

Today’s recipe seems like an appropriate way to start off the weekend.


I will not judge if this ends up as dinner, breakfast, or brunch. It’s good any way you want it. (Did anybody else hear Journey when I said that? Just me…okay!) Continue reading


Weekly Bites!

As promised here are a few links for recipes I’ve had my eye on!


I’ve decided to include not only things that I can eat, but those I can’t as well because I so would if I could.

 Here we are:

These Avocado Enchiladas (actually made last night, YUM)

Brownie Ice Cream Cake 

Tostadas (I miss feta)

S’more Ice cream (It was a bad idea even looking at that…omg..)

This Broccolini Salad (I love the big croutons and crunchy greens)

Who wouldn’t want to try Nutella Stuffed Cookies